General government authorisation

What government authorisations must investors or owners obtain prior to constructing or directly or indirectly transferring or acquiring a renewable energy project?

The EEA is the regulator of the electricity sector. Its powers derive principally from the Energy Proclamation. The EEA approves PPAs and has the power to grant generation licences. All foreign investments must first be approved by the Investment Commission or Ministry of Trade, as the case may be.

Offtake arrangements

What type of offtake arrangements are available and typically used for utility-scale renewables projects?

Currently, long-term PPAs entered into by EEP.

Procurement of offtaker agreements

How are long-term power purchase agreements procured by the offtakers in your jurisdiction? Are they the subject of feed-in tariffs, the subject of multi-project competitive tenders, or are they typically developed through the submission of unsolicited tenders?

No feed-in tariffs have been approved.

Operational authorisation

What government authorisations are required to operate a renewable energy project and sell electricity from renewable energy projects?

See above.


Are there legal requirements for the decommissioning of renewable energy projects? Must these requirements be funded by a sinking fund or through other credit enhancements during the operational phase of a renewable energy project?

In practice, these obligations remain unsettled.