Employees at 10 Minneapolis-based Jimmy John’s sandwich shops have reportedly voted against joining the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), which has since alleged that the close election “was marred by misconduct.” According to The New York Times, “[U]nion supporters were predicting victory, noting that about 60 percent of the restaurants’ 200 workers had signed prounion cards asking the labor board to hold a unionization vote.”

But when the National Labor Relations Board called the October 22, 2010, election, it reported that union backers fell short of a majority by three votes. With seven days to file objections, the Jimmy John’s Worker Union has charged MikLin Enterprise with 22 violations of the National Labor Relations Act, including bribery and intimidation. “We do not recognize these election results as legitimate and will continue to fight for our demands,” stated the group’s spokesperson in a press release.

The vote was apparently IWW’s second attempt to unionize fast food workers after failing with Starbucks baristas. “This is a group hellbent on bringing down someone, anyone, in the fast-food industry, and we just happen to be next on the list,” MikLin owner Michael Mulligan said. See The New York Times, October 22, 2010.