Workplace sexual harassment training and ethics are mandatory for Kentucky legislators – three hours a year, in fact. This is the result of two lawsuits filed against Kentucky lawmakers for sexual harassment.

But one State Senator is not having it, gosh darnit! No sirree bob!

“It’s political correctness,” he exclaimed. Is he such a genius and paragon of purity — he only needs 30 minutes, as he claims?

I hope by now readers of this blog could set him straight about the necessity of workplace harassment training.


It appears that he hates – I mean really hates – to sit through three hours of this nonsense – he wants to cut it to 30 minutes, and has introduced a bill to mandate this.

Maybe it’s just shpilkes! (Yiddish for “pins and needles,” or “ants in the pants”). That is, maybe he just can’t sit still for three hours.

“Ethics Training Is Totally Ridiculous”

Nope, that’s not it.

He said that “The ethics training is totally ridiculous. Legislators sit through three hours at taxpayers expense to be told by a bureaucrat who’s making six figures and elected by no one what’s ethical and what’s not. … [its ] nothing more than an exercise in political correctness.”

Those who are elected should have good values, he feels, and three hours in a room will not make a whit of difference.

Legislators Don’t Need Training: They Have Good Values

Good thing that, other than those two lawsuits, lawmakers and politicians across the US, from Congress on down, have such a pure and spotless record when it comes to treating everyone in the workplace with respect and avoiding sexual harassment.

And they, of all people, surely do not need harassment training, because as this fellow said “[t]hose who are elected should have good values.” And we all know that they do!

They are example to us all, God Bless ’em!