In 1 Corinthians 6:11, speaking of “homosexual offenders” and others, the Apostle Paul writes, “such were some of you.” It is possible for all of us who have sinful tendencies and compulsions to change and become holy in God’s sight. Paul indicates this is also true for those involved in homosexual conduct.

However, fresh on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court decision mandating legal recognition of same-sex marriage in all states, the Illinois General Assembly has passed the deceptively titled “Youth Mental Health Protection Act.” This act is now sitting on Governor Bruce Rauner’s desk awaiting a signature, veto, or amendatory veto.

Far from protecting young people, this act would prohibit all licensed counselors, including Christian counselors, from providing reparative therapy advice to young people who have unwanted same-sex attractions, and are seeking counsel in dealing with those attractions. Counselors, who try to help these young people, could lose their license and ability to earn a living. The act goes further and puts at risk any counselor, licensed or unlicensed, including pastors  who are in “commerce” (compensated for counseling) and refer to homosexuality as an illness or “disorder” (i.e. sin) to any counselee, minor or adult, with the purpose of helping the counselee be free from same-sex attractions.

If this bill becomes law, thousands of people who want to avoid the homosexual spider web will be left without this important help and the necessary counsel to make fully informed decisions.

There is quite a bit readers can do in this battle:

  1. Order the DVD, “Such Were Some of You” shown in this newsletter for $15. I recommend it as an excellent resource for testimonies of ex-gays and how Jesus helped them leave the gay lifestyle. It will not only give you information but will soften your heart to our brothers and sisters who struggle with this attraction/compulsion. To purchase, call 312-726-1243 or email [email protected] .
  2. Contact Governor Bruce Rauner and urge him to protect the rights of minors and veto HB 217. To contact, click here or call 217-782-0244.
  3. Send a contribution to the Association for Christian Therapy and Support (ACTS). Funds will be used to prepare for litigation against the state if the law is enacted. Please also consider joining ACTS, the initiation fee is $25, but additional contributions are encouraged. For more information, contact Noel Sterett at [email protected] .  
  4. Most importantly, pray that this piece of legislation will not become law and that our Christian counselors will stand up at such a time as this and declare that Jesus Christ can set the captive free