Through a Government Notice issued in the December 5, 2009 Canada Gazette, Part I, the Ministers of Environment and Health have determined that 1-butanol, 2,2-bis(2-propenyloxy)methyl-, polymer with 1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane, 3-(2-hydroxyalkoxy) propyl-, (“1-Butanol”) may be toxic. The Minister of the Environment has granted a permit pursuant to paragraph 84(1)(a) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999 to permit the manufacture or import of the substance provided certain conditions are followed. These conditions allow the importation of the substance as a component of a finished clear coat product to be applied to the exterior of automobiles during refinishing operations, or to blend in order to create a finished clear coat product for this purpose, provided 120 days advance written notice of importation is given to the Minister. The substance may also be manufactured if 120 days before manufacture the Minister is given written notice containing the requisite information. The substance must be destroyed or disposed of through incineration or deposited in a secure landfill. Records must be kept pursuant to the permit for at least five years. Notification requirements are also set out in the case of accidental release.

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