When seeking a strategy toward Integrated Estate Planning, one will most likely be drawn toward the features related to an international family trust (“IFT”). The first decision is that of choice of jurisdiction, which from our perspective at Greenspoon Marder and based upon many factors, leads clients primarily to either the Cook Islands or Belize. Once the IFT is established legally by all required parties, then starts the process of continued due diligence and compliance related to general requests from your service providers (including but not limited to trustees, protectors, directors, managers, etc.) and from global banking institutions. This includes the need to provide updated information on applications for the Settlor, who establishes the IFT, on all beneficiaries of the IFT and on the service providers chosen to serve as fiduciaries of the IFT. Generally, the requests for due diligence include copies of driver’s licenses, passports, utility bills, professional reference letters and bank reference letters. Further due diligence will be requested related to any transactions that involve funds being placed or received into the IFT structure. This could potentially expose deal documents, invoices and other documents related to such transactions.