Rumors that Denmark banned the sale of Marmite and other savory, yeastextract spreads because they contain added vitamins have apparently given rise to online protests and calls to boycott iconic Danish brands such as Lego®. Media sources have reported that Marmite fans rallied on Facebook and other social media sites after hearing that the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) ordered the product off store shelves along with other fortified foods like Ovaltine and Vegemite. “Spread the word, but most importantly spread the Marmite,” wrote the founder of one Facebook page devoted to expat Marmite aficionados. “Let the rise of the Marmite army begin!”

According to DVFA, however, authorities have not banned the spread but simply reiterated that foods with added vitamins, minerals or other substances cannot be marketed in Denmark without agency review and approval. “Products with food additives, vitamins and minerals claims in their marketing need to be approved and been received,” a spokesperson for the Danish Embassy in Canberra, Australia, was quoted as saying. “With fortified food products, you have to submit an application, that is nothing new.’’ See DVFA Press Release and The Guardian, May 25, 2011; mX (Sydney), May 26, 2011.