There have been a number of examples lately of the U.S. Justice Department investigating and prosecuting the food industry on their product safety measures. The latest examples making headlines include Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. regarding an E. coli outbreak, Roos Foods regarding a listeria outbreak, and Blue Bell Creameries LP also over a listeria outbreak.

In this podcast, we are joined by two partners from Pepper's Food and Beverage Industry team, Christopher W. Wasson and Yvonne M. McKenzie, to discuss what is going on in the industry.

Topics covered include: can a breakdown in a company’s food safety program lead to exposure in other areas; has there been an increase in DOJ activity around food recalls; what are risks that can be triggered from a food recall and how to mitigate those risks; and what kind of sanctions are being leveled in the industry right now.

(Running Time - 11:34)

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