In the first half of 2011, Broadband Graphics Holding, LLC, (Broadband Graphics) has sued [PDF] three different defendants in the District of Oregon, alleging infringement of one or more claims of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,313,765 [PDF] (the ’765 patent) and 7,539,947 [PDF] (the ’947 patent). These lawsuits follow a lawsuit brought by Broadband Graphics against TechSmith Corp. that was dismissed in 2009. One distinction between these recent lawsuits and that against TechSmith is that the TechSmith lawsuit involved the ’765 patent and U.S. Patent No. 7,013,432 [PDF], which is the parent of the ’947 patent.

The ’765 and ’947 patents are directed to cell-based end user interfaces in which display container cells are automatically shifted and/or downsized to make room for the creation of other display container cells. In the complaints, Broadband Graphics alleges that the Rumus trading platform software of Forex Club LLC (Forex Club), the MTXtreme trading platform software of FX Direct Dealer, LLC (FXDD), and the FOREXTrader PRO software of Gain Capital Group, LLC (Gain Capital) infringe the ’765 and ’947 patents. The products and services provided by Forex Club, FXDD, and Gain Capital relate to foreign exchange currency trading.

Forex Club and FXDD have filed answers and counterclaims [PDF] denying infringement and alleging that the ’765 and ’947 patents are invalid. Broadband Graphics has answered [PDF] Forex Club's and FXDD’s counterclaims in which Broadband Graphics reaffirms its position that the ’765 and ’947 patents are valid and infringed by Forex Club's and FXDD’s products. Gain Capital has not yet filed an answer, but Broadband Graphics recently filed an amended complaint [PDF] against Gain Capital.