DAC Beachcroft Scotland's Claims Validation Team secured savings of approximately £75,000 over 5 cases in just one month. In addition, they recovered expenses of £6,500 from pursuers whose claims were withdrawn.

A pursuer who had been involved in a low speed impact abandoned his claim the day before it was due to proceed to Proof. It was alleged that the insured had collided with the rear of the pursuer's vehicle. The insured stated that the pursuer, a learner driver had simply stalled the vehicle and rolled back causing a very minor collision. A defence was lodged to that effect and following robust negotiation, the pursuer agreed to abandon his claim and made a contribution of £1,500 towards the insurer's expenses.

The same week, two linked cases were due to proceed to proof. Again, the collision occurred at a low speed. Investigations revealed significant discrepancies in both pursuers' version of events, casting doubt over their credibility and reliability. This was highlighted to their solicitor. We obtained engineering evidence which cast further doubt on the mechanism of the accident as averred in the pleadings. The pursuers' solicitor maintained that the case would proceed to Proof until the very last second, at which point he agreed to abandon both claims and make a contribution of £2,500 towards the defenders' expenses in each case.

Engineering evidence also contributed to two other cases being abandoned by pursuers. Both cases involved low speed collisions and our engineer confirmed that there was not sufficient force to cause occupancy displacement; therefore no injury could have been sustained. This was conveyed to the pursuer's agents with the clear message that no offers would be made and we would proceed to Proof.