As the country settles into the world after sequestration, many wonder what, if any, impact it will really have. The same is true in the nonprofit world. However, the impact there is expected to be sizable, even for those organizations that do not receive government funding.

According to the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s 2012 State of the Sector Survey, of the 4,607 organizations surveyed, 85 percent reported an overall rise in demand since the recession of 2008. Half of the responders did not believe they could meet the demand for their services – and that was before sequestration went into effect.

The National Council of Nonprofits (NCN) has launched the website explain sequestration and track its ripple effect. Nonprofit organizations and others are encouraged to use this site to share ways that the sequestration impacts them. Whether through increased community needs or decreased resources, this site is one way the nonprofit community can track the effects of sequestration.