Preliminary Budget Hearings

This week, the City Council held seventeen preliminary budget hearings. The Council will continue to review the FY19 preliminary budget at public hearings that will focus on specific agencies as well as the City’s capital budget. The full schedule of hearings on the FY19 preliminary budget can be found on the Council’s website (subject to change). During this time, the Council will also be working to develop their formal response to the FY19 preliminary budget, which will be released shortly after all public hearings conclude.

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De Blasio Administration Departure: Miguel Gamino, the city’s Chief Technology Officer steps down

In an interview with StateScoop on Wednesday, the city’s Chief Technology Officer Miguel Gamino announced that he will depart the de Blasio administration to start a new project centered on “a people centric approach to civic technology”. The outgoing CTO did not provide further details on his next venture, but will remain in the administration a few more weeks. Mayor de Blasio has yet to name Gamino’s replacement

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As of today, the Council has introduced 721 pieces of legislation, 30% of all bills have been referred to the Committee on Environmental Protection, Committee on Housing and Buildings or the Committee on Transportation. Thus far, hearings have been held on only 21 of the 712 bills. The Council is expected to introduce new legislation at the next stated meeting on March 21st.


Legislation this Session:


*The Council has 38 committees in total


Council Member Ydanis Roriguez, chair of the Committee on Transportation, has introduced more legislation than any other council member. Council Members Steven Matteo and Rory Lancman, chairs of the Committee on Standards and Ethics and Committee on Justice System, respectively, are tied for second.

City Council Hearings: Week of 3/19/18

Next Week’s Preliminary Budget Hearings: *subject to change