On July 1st, 2015, the Ministry of Energy (SENER) published the 2015-2019 Tender Plan for the Exploration and Extraction of Hydrocarbons (the "Five Year Plan"), that will provide a clear basis for the definition of the tender rounds to be conducted during such period.

As a result of the constitutional reform of August 11th, 2014, the Hydrocarbons Law was enacted, providing under article 29, fraction II and article 31, fraction II, that  SENER will approve and issue a Five Year Plan based on the proposal of the National Hydrocarbons Commission ("CNH"). The Five Year Plan encompasses areas that are intended to be tendered for the following 5 years (2015 - 2019). For these tenders, the procedures are public, open and international, to be conducted by the CNH based on the model of contract and technical guidelines that SENER creates for such purposes.

The Five Year Plan considers as a main input the technical proposal that CNH delivered to SENER on April 30th, 2015. This proposal includes areas for the exploration of conventional and non-conventional resources, as well as for the extraction of hydrocarbons in onshore areas, Chicontepec, in fields with extra-heavy oils, shallow waters and deep waters.

The Five Year Plan contains the strategic information of the areas for tender, which comprise the new investment opportunities for Mexico's hydrocarbons industry. Also, it fosters the coordination between the national and international industry sector with the objectives of public policy of the hydrocarbons sector, contained in the National Development Plan 2013 -  2018 (PND), as well as the Energy Sectorial Program 2013 - 2018 (PROSENER).

The document contains six sections describing the elements supporting the Five Year Plan, which are:

  • First.- Introduction explaining the Energy Reform, Round Zero and Round One as well as the Five Years Plan background.
  • Second.- Description of the legal framework of the Five Years Plan.
  • Third.- Explains how the Five Year Plan supports the compliance of the National Goals of PND and PROSENER through the development of specific action lines of the energy sector.
  • Fourth.- Provides an overview of the hydrocarbon resources in the country, both in terms of reserves and prospective resources as well.
  • Fifth.- Describes the Five Year Plan, based on the technical proposal prepared by CNH and the analysis made by SENER for its preparation.
  • Sixth.- Describes assessment, review and modification process of the Five Year Plan, in which the nomination of the areas will be included.

The execution of the Five Year Plan intends to comply with three important goals that are:

  1. Maximize the participation of companies in tenders.
  2. Increase the production of hydrocarbons.
  3. Increase the integral rate of restitution of reserve oils and contribute to the generation of the subsoil knowledge.