Your firm may be targeted for an unannounced workplace inspection

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has introduced two new criteria for selecting firms for “proactive” workplace inspections:

  • Workplaces that have been visited as part of a blitz may be revisited to determine if compliance has improved; and
  • Firms that have not reported an injury within the last three years in rate groups that have a high number of injuries may also be visited.

These two criteria were added to the following existing criteria:

  • The number and severity of workplace injuries;
  • Compliance history;
  • Hazards inherent to the work;
  • New businesses;
  • Size of businesses;
  • Specific events or incidents (e.g., critical or fatal injuries or due to workplace violence); and
  • The presence of young, new or otherwise vulnerable workers.

The MOL also looks at Workplace Safety and Insurance Board data to identify companies with high rates of lost‐time and non‐lost‐time injuries and⁄or injuries with high costs. Employers that fit these criteria should be and remain prepared for an unannounced visit by an MOL inspector. Unprepared employers may receive costly compliance orders or, in some cases, charges.