By Sophie Maes, Firm: Claeys & Engels

The Belgian region of Flanders has now published salary thresholds for work permits for 2020.

Non-EEA and non-Swiss employees must obtain authorisation to work in Belgium (work permit up to 90 days; single permit if more than 90 days). In our previous Alert we updated you on the salary thresholds in Brussels and Wallonia. In Flanders, however, lower thresholds for 2020 apply:

  • highly skilled employees: EUR 42,696/EUR 34,156.80 (for under 30s) gross compared to EUR 42,869 gross in Brussels and Wallonia;
  • European Blue card: EUR 51,235 gross compared to EUR 55,431 gross in Brussels and Wallonia;
  • leading personnel: EUR 68,314 gross compared to EUR 71,521 gross in Brussels and Wallonia.