Pressures are increasing on companies to keep up with consumers’ growing expectations of immediacy, mobility, and innovation in their user experience. According to Ankur Bansal at ISG, these pressures lead to a heightened focus on tapping emerging technologies. In his blog post “The Bright Line Test for a Digital Transformation Bid,” Bansal offers five tips to CIOs as they navigate the world of digital service providers:

  • Address specific business needs. Bansal warns not to “fall into the arms of a digital evangelist.” Instead, make sure you enter any discussion with a clear business goal that the service provider can help you move towards.
  • Carefully allocate risk. Interests should align so that both you and the service provider benefit from positive business results while also sharing in any shortfalls.
  • Play the long game. As Bansal notes, “[t]rue digital transformation reaches far beyond IT.” To ensure an effective, lasting business transformation, CIOs should ensure that these changes are understood and supported by all segments of their companies.
  • Get everyone on board. These digital transformations require a significant business investment, so before falling for “the latest shiny, new technologies,” make sure your business counterparts are committed to a comprehensive, long-term plan.
  • Pick a well-run partner. CIOs should be cognizant of how their potential service providers operate. To avoid delayed and over-budget projects, Bansal encourages “[using] the contract to establish a clear governance framework up font so everyone understands how the relationship will work from the start.”