Effective February 23, 2016, the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and National Society of Professional Surveyors Inc.’s (NSPS) new Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for surveys will take effect, along with changes to the optional Table A items.

Even though most of the changes are technical in nature and should not materially affect the parties to a real estate transaction, it is nonetheless important to confirm that all surveys prepared after February 23, 2016, conform to the new standards. Failure to follow the new minimum survey standards could result in unwanted delays to an otherwise straightforward project.

Some examples of changes to the Table A items that may be important to the party ordering the survey include: (i) the burden of obtaining a zoning letter now falls upon the client and (ii) the surveyor will now automatically, without request of the client, depict all surface indications of underground utilities such as manholes, utility poles, vents, pedestals, etc.