Certain products have legitimate civilian applications but can also be used for weapons of mass-destruction, terrorist acts, and human rights violations; these so-called ‘dual-use’ goods are subject to the EU’s export control regime.

Last year, the EU Commission published its proposal to recast the EU Dual-Use Regulation in force since 2009. The International Trade Committee of the EU Parliament will vote on the position in October 2017. Implementation is likely to occur next spring. Although the amendments proposed will ease the regulatory headache, the reform will increase the compliance burden.

Business should take steps now to be prepared for the new regulatory landscape. Only by doing so you could minimize liability risks for your business, the management and employees.

Regular export compliance training is not a guarantee that an export violation will not occur, but it minimizes the risk of noncompliance, while protecting vital company interests. What we can do for you? We explain how the new EU Dual-Use Control Regime will affect your business and what changes to your foreign trade compliance organization are necessary.