Streamline your business with Conga’s data and process automation solutions. Eliminate pain points and speed up cycle times.

Manage data and processes easily

Remove speed bumps that cost time, create errors, and undermine results. Create complex, reliable business processes based on clean, complete data. Achieve greater efficiencies and better outcomes.

  • Build, visualize, and track complex business processes with workflow automation. Gain insight into progress and see where slowdowns happen.
  • Keep Salesforce®, your system of record, up-to-date. Save manual steps for your users and gain actionable data insights.
  • Save time, create efficiencies, and cut costs. Make it easy to update your Salesforce data. Automate workflows for the things you do every day.

Orchestrate your business processes to get more done

Modernize your business with automated, repeatable business processes. Remove manual steps that cost time and lead to errors. Visualize, create, and track the steps in your workflow to make your work flow better.

"The best thing about Conga Grid is the time savings and that it’s so much easier and more intuitive to get the data that you want."

Get good data to support strong business processes

The Quote-to-Cash Lifecycle starts and ends with good data. Address data problems to increase Salesforce adoption. Reduce downstream errors and speed up the sales cycle.

Cleaner data and automated workflows

Our solutions make it easy to manage data and workflows. View, filter, and batch update all relevant data from a single screen. Visualize, create, and automate complex workflow processes without coding or custom development.

  • Workflows for the complex needs of today’s business

    • Easily create and modify workflows with no coding or custom development
    • Visualize the flow of the workflow steps and to whom they’re assigned
    • View real-time status of a process as it is being executed
    • Integrate the routing of documents with other Conga solutions
    • Bulk copy and paste data into and out of Salesforce
    • Quickly view, manipulate, and batch edit multiple levels of data across many records
    • Drive attention to key data with conditional formatting
    • Request actions and track completion of requests
"With the help of Orchestrate, we have been able to take the firm to the next level, not just from a CRM standpoint, but from an efficiency and effectiveness standpoint as well."

Get time back with Conga’s data and process automation

Create actionable views of your data with just a few clicks. Cut out manual paper shuffling and unnecessary steps with easy-to-build workflows. Your entire team will benefit, get time back, and become more productive.