ALJ Gildea issued an Order in Inv. No. 337-TA-736, Certain Wind and Solar Powered Light Posts and Street Lamps requiring the parties to prepare for trial despite a prior order suspending the investigation.  On May 20, the parties had submitted an unopposed joint motion to suspend the procedural schedule, claiming that the parties had reached an agreement that would resolve the issues in the Investigation.  ALJ Gildea granted the parties' motion.  As trial approached, the parties informed ALJ Gildea that they would not be be in a position to advise the ALJ whether settlement had been finalized until August 12, 2011.  ALJ Gildea ordered resumption of the procedural schedule, finding this delay "unacceptable," and noting that the Commission Rules require parties to "make every effort" to avoid delay.  ALJ Gildea set July 26, 2011 as the deadline for pre-hearing submission and set August 9, 2011 as the hearing date.