The Australian Securities & Investments Commission published the metrics by which it will self-assess the performance of its functions “with the minimum impact necessary to achieve regulatory objectives,” as required by the Australian government’s 2014 deregulation requirements. In connection with this, ASIC has developed specific ways it will evaluate its achievement of the six measures of “good regulatory performance.” These measures include that a regulator will not “unnecessarily impede the efficient operation of regulated entities;” that its actions are proportionate to the relevant regulatory risk; and that “compliance and monitoring approaches are streamlined and coordinated.” In connection with its evaluation of whether it impedes regulated entities, for example, ASIC will utilize stakeholder panels and stakeholder surveys; annually publish a corporate plan; and ensure that where relief is granted when warranted, such relief is granted in at least 70 percent of the time within 21 days of receiving a complete application. ASIC anticipates publishing results of its self-assessment for the 2015-16 financial year in the second half of 2016.