This case seeks compensation for the price-fixing of farmed Atlantic salmon harming Canadian purchasers and consumers. Farmed Atlantic salmon is the most commonly sold type of salmon in Canadian stores, restaurants, and anywhere else that sells or serves salmon.

The defendants are Norwegian farmed Atlantic salmon producers and their subsidiaries in Canada and other countries. Norway and Canada are among the world’s top farmed Atlantic salmon producers. The defendants and their co-conspirators control the Canadian farmed Atlantic salmon market.

The plaintiff alleges that the defendants conspired to manipulate global and North American prices of farmed Atlantic salmon. The defendants have successfully raised the global (including North American) prices of farmed Atlantic salmon since at least 2015. These price increases not only impacted farmed Atlantic salmon sold by the defendants, but also all farmed Atlantic salmon sold in North America. The plaintiff alleges that these actions violated Canadian competition laws.

The Court will decide at a later date if the case will proceed as a class action.

The case seeks to represent all persons in Canada who purchased farmed Atlantic salmon and products derived from farmed Atlantic salmon since July 1, 2015.