EURid, the Registry operating the .EU Top Level Domain (TLD) for Europe, launched the .ευ TLD (".EU" in Greek) on 14 November 2019. EURid had already launched the Cyrillic equivalent .ею back in 2016 and is following the same registration procedure.

As per the basic rule that the script of the domain name string must match the script of the domain name extension, only domain names in Greek script can be registered under .ευ, for example <τομέα.ευ> (meaning "" in Greek). The same registration requirements as for .EU and .ею apply, that is to say that a presence in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway is required, or EU citizenship.

.ευ domain name applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. There is no Sunrise period or any period giving priority to Intellectual Property rights holders, as is sometimes the case for the launch of new TLDs.

However, EURid automatically secured the .ευ equivalents of existing .EU domain names in Greek script (for example: <τομέα.eu>) in the name of the same registrants. The .ευ domain names and their .EU equivalent will co-exist until 13 November 2022, at which point the latter will be phased out.

Giovanni Seppia, EURid External Relations Manager, was quoted in EURid's press release saying:

"The .eu in Greek will enable end-users to enjoy the full Internationalised Domain Names experience in Greek, as Greek domain names will be registered under the Greek extension. We worked hard to have the .eu in Greek delegated with ICANN/IANA and we are grateful to our industry peers who supported us throughout a process that has lasted a decade."

EURid's guidelines for .ευ can be found here.