Remember that top ten hit by “Chicago”? As I was walking down the street one day (July 28, to be exact), the Chicago City Council passed a sweeping “lender responsibility law” to go after lenders for routine upkeep on vacant homes before foreclosure proceedings are completed. The ordinance attempts to make lenders responsible by changing the municipal code to include a mortgagee in the definition of property owner, even though mortgagees cannot assume possession under state law. Lenders’ purported responsibilities can include boarding up entrances, responding to complaints, landscaping, shoveling snow, and mitigating nuisances. The ordinance was opposed by lenders and federal officials who argued the measure conflicts with state law and places ownership burdens on lenders during the foreclosure process when a lender has no legal title to the property. The ordinance may face a constitutional challenge on the grounds it violates lenders’ Fourteenth Amendment right to equal protection. As the lads said, “We’ve all got time enough to cry.”