The USCIS recently announced that the E-Verify system will be redesigned effective Monday, June 14. Accoding to the USCIS, the new site will enhance the system’s usability, security, accuracy and efficiency. In order for current users to use the new site, they will have to complete a 20-minute tutorial to learn about the new changes in the system. At the end of the tutorial, users will have to take (and pass) an examination similar to the initial examination which was required as part of the E-Verify registration process to verify that they understand the changes to the system.  

The E-Verify Program Managers have indicated that they will continue to enhance and update the system over the next few quarters. The E-Verify Program Managers will also continue to monitor for compliance in the program. EVerify Program Managers plan to introduce more features and oversight of the Designated Agent option in the system later this year.  

In the June 14th release, E-Verify will begin to confirm the bona fides of new employers attempting to register in the system. If the E-Verify system is unable to establish the bona fides of an employer attempting to register in the system, the E-Verify program will send the employer a request to confirm its bona fides before being allowed to use the system.

Information about additional updates and enhancements to the E-Verify system will be contained in our firm’s future Immigration Updates when it becomes available.