The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint alleging that Dutch joint supplement manufacturer Finitro International made and continues to make  unsubstantiated joint health claims on its Website that are unauthorized by the EU register of  Nutrition and Health Claims for Foods.

With claims that its Finitro Forte plus dietary supplement product is “the cure for osteoarthritis”  and that after continuous use consumers “may expect the recovery of cartilage and a life free of  pain,” the company has been cited by ASA twice during the past three years.

In september 2011, ASA published an adjudication against product claims on Fintro’s Website, to  which the company did not respond. Following an ASA investigation, however, Finitro apparently indicated that it would amend its Website to comply  with the adjudication. in april 2012, asa published a second adjudication against claims for  Finitro Forte plus, and again Finitro submitted another assurance of future compliance. in June  2012, after continued non-compliance with the adjudications, the Committee of Advertising  Practice (CAP) Compliance team placed details of the case on the asa Website where, according to the agency, they will remain until Finitro amends its Website claims. according to a news source, CAP is investigating the matter and will place Finitro’s Website on its “enhanced name and shame list,” as well as consider other  measures, including (i) removing any paid-for ads via search engine agreement; (ii) advising trade  associations to take action; (iii) shutting down Web domains; and (iv) referring the matter to the  courts. See, April 10, 2014.