The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) closed its criminal investigation in the automotive sector on 4 October 2011. The case was opened in February 2010, following a series of surprise investigations. These were reported by the OFT to be linked with similar investigations by competition authorities in other EU member states. The case has now been closed with no finding of an offence. The OFT has been under pressure to ensure that its criminal actions in the field are soundly based and faces a high evidential hurdle in proving “dishonest” behaviour. The OFT advocated dropping the requirement to prove that an alleged criminal cartelist has acted “dishonestly” in a recent response to the Government’s consultation on reforming the competition regime. However, this does not appear to have deterred the OFT from carrying out such investigations. The OFT’s separate criminal investigation into commercial vehicle manufacturers continues. This is being undertaken in parallel with a civil investigation.