Century Indemnity Company (“CIC”) reinsured The Home Insurance Company (“Home”). Due to Home’s liquidation proceedings, which began in 2003, CIC became fully liable for a $13 million settlement of certain environmental claims for which CIC and Home were both primarily liable under the parties’ respective insurance contracts. CIC, a debtor in the Home proceedings, sought a setoff of $8 million against other obligations owed to Home, for Home’s share of the settlement that CIC paid in full. The New Hampshire Supreme Court reversed the trial court’s order permitting the setoff. Finding that the trial court’s reading of the statute governing setoff was too narrow, the Court cited the remedial nature of the statute, and the legislative purpose of obtaining “full payment from reinsurers despite an insurer’s insolvency.” In Re Liquidation of The Home Ins. Co., No. 2008-407 (N.H. May 27, 2009).