The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (Commission) has made a number of announcements and held a number of workshops in recent weeks, as it gathers pace.

Public Submissions

The Commission has opened public submissions via its website.

Key Topics

It has indicated it particularly wants to hear about:

  • Incidents of violence, neglect, abuse or exploitation of people with disability;
  • Complaints processes and outcomes;
  • Lack of access to support or services;
  • Quality of disability support services; and
  • Examples of best practice and innovation.

Request for Early Written Submissions?

It is expected that there will be an invitation for early written submissions, adopting a similar approach to the Banking and Aged Care Royal Commissions. In those Royal Commissions significant industry participants were invited to make voluntary early written submissions in respect of key questions to be considered. The early written submissions helped each Commission determine which case studies might be examined in more detail through formal hearings. It is critical to ensure that any documents or information provided to the Royal Commission is full and accurate and is provided in a timely manner.

Commission Workshops

There have been a number of Workshops held in various capital cities since the Commission’s inception. These have included workshops with disability advocates, with legal practitioners and advocates with experience in disability law and related areas, with selected Disability Services Providers, and with First Nations peoples.