HR teams should be letting staff know about "snow day" policies and expectations with snowfall expected in the islands later this week.

That's the view of counsel Rachel Richardson from Ogier's Guernsey employment law team.

Temperatures are expected to drop further as the week goes on, with scattered snow showers on Tuesday and Thursday and wind chill leading to effective temperatures of as low as minus 11 degrees.

All of this could mean trouble getting to work for some Islanders – that's why Rachel says that now is the time for employers to let their teams know what is expected of them.

"Employers are expected to have proper snow or adverse weather policies in place, but it's equally important that all staff know what they are and understand what's expected of them," said Rachel.

"If schools close, that adds another level of complication and the policies also need to be clearly communicated – actually dealing with all of this on the day will only add to the disruption, so now is the time to make sure that everyone knows what the rules and expectations are."