The UK Border Agency released figures relating to its allocation of restricted CoS in May 2011 that show employers are refraining from applying in large numbers. Only 781 CoS were allocated on 11 May, out of a pool of 4,666 that were available.

Under the rules in place since 6 April 2011, employers intending to sponsor a skilled worker from outside the EEA under Tier 2 (General) must normally apply to the UKBA for a restricted CoS. An initial 4,200 CoS were available in April but only 1,019 were used that month. This meant 3,181 CoS rolled over into May's allocation.

As a result of this low take up, a total of 5,365 CoS will be available in June. Any employer with a role where the Resident Labour Market Test has been completed and the salary is at least £20,000pa is likely to be allocated a CoS from June's allowance, based on this pattern.