A York County Republican has introduced legislation in the House that would remove requirements under state law that ethanol be blended with gasoline. In a statement about the legislation, State Rep. Seth Grove cited studies that showed that ethanol lowers fuel economy. His bill would remove the blending requirements from the Pennsylvania Biofuel Development and In-State Production Incentive Act of 2008.

“In our search for a clean and renewable source of energy, people jumped on the ethanol bandwagon before all the facts were available,” said Grove. “Ethanol has proven to be less efficient than unblended gasoline, and it is causing problems in small engines. I have both environmental and economic concerns regarding the continued use of ethanol as an additive to fuel.”

Grove said he drafted his legislation in reaction to the federal EPA’s recent decision to raise the amount of ethanol allowed for use in late-model cars to 15 percent. The blend is “safe” only for cars produced in 2001 or later.