Advocate General (AG) Kokott has given her Opinion (Case C-506/08 P) on an appeal by Sweden against the General Court’s judgement in an appeal by MyTravel against the European Commission's refusal to provide access to certain documents in relation to the Airtours/First Choice merger. The central issue concerned release of preparatory documents leading to the Commission’s decision to prohibit the Airtours/First Choice merger as well as other internal documents created after the General Court's annulment of that decision. Under EU law, the public has a fundamental right of access to documents of the institutions. However, an exemption applies to opinions for internal use as part of deliberations and preliminary consultations within the institution where disclosure would seriously undermine the institution’s decision-making process. In this instance, the information concerned a decision making process which was already definitively concluded. On this basis, the AG, in her Opinion, took the view that the protection accorded to decision-making processes did not justify a refusal to disclose the documentation, nor was she swayed by the argument that disclosure might in this case adversely affect a decision in any other case.