On 21 March 2013, the French Minister for Culture and Communication, Aurélie Filippetti, has received the National Union of Edition (Syndicat National de l'Edition - SNE) and the Permanent Council of Writers (Conseil permanent des écrivains - CPE) for the signature of a framework agreement relating to publishing agreements in the book industry.

This agreement follows the works carried out by the Specialised Commission of the Superior Council of Literary and Artistic Property (Conseil supérieur de la propriété littéraire et artistique -CSPLA) chaired by Mr. Sirinelli and proposes the adoption of a Code of good practices as well as amendments to the French Intellectual Property Code.

Amongst these amendments are, inter alia, (i) a legal definition for publishing agreements in the digital world and the obligation to provide for specific provisions for digital publishing in agreements, (ii) criteria allowing an assessment of the notion of permanent and monitored exploitation of the work, whether printed or digital, as well as (iii) specific conditions for setting author's remuneration in compensation of digital exploitations.

The Minister had undertaken to make a proposition with a view to enact the legal amendments provided in the framework agreement.