The London Olympics are in full swing, and so is the battle over marketing efforts designed to skirt strict advertising regulations implemented in advance of the Olympics. Two weeks ago, we wrote about uniformed officers fanning out across the streets of London in search of marketers attempting to leverage the Olympic brand without being official sponsors of the summer games.

In a story published this week titled “Meet the Best Olympics Advertisers Who Can't Say ‘Olympics,’” Ad Age highlights Olympic and London-related ads run by companies that are not official sponsors of the London Olympics. In at least one case, according to the story, an advertiser has initiated legal proceedings against the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games to combat the committee’s efforts to take down the company’s ads.

“Some reports suggest,” says the Ad Age article, “that the right kind of creative — not necessarily sponsor status — is key to getting a huge audience for your brands during the world's biggest sporting celebration.”

Click here to read the Ad Age story, which features numerous examples of campaigns that seek to skirt advertising regulations.