This 10 week consultation runs until 22 October 2013. Its starting point was the announcement, in 2010, that housing standard would be simplified and the consultation paper draws on the work of the Local Housing Delivery Group.

In essence the proposal is to make even greater use of Building Regulations in the setting of standards, many of which, currently feature in local plan policies and are imposed via planning conditions. Two examples are the Code for Sustainable Homes which is proposed to be wound down and the practice of requiring new homes to benefit from a certain proportion of on site renewable energy generation – which would also come to an end as Building Regulation requirements increase.

A distinction is drawn between the role of planning “in shaping the locations of development and energy infrastructure” and that of the Building Regulations “in shaping the energy performance of new homes”. The consultation recognises that the Planning and Energy Act 2008, which allows local plan policies to set reasonable targets for on site renewable energy, may need to be revoked or at least amended.