Shortly after the Federal Communications Commission published its net neutrality order in the Federal Register on September 23, Verizon refiled its challenge to the order in the D.C. Circuit, after its initial appeal, along with one filed by MetroPCS, was bounced by the court as premature earlier this year.  Verizon really wanted the D.C. Circuit to hear the case, since that court, in Comcast v. FCC, struck down the FCC’s first attempt at requiring net neutrality.   But a variety of other parties filed petitions for review in five other circuits, requiring that a lottery be held to decide which circuit heard the case.  But lo and behold, Verizon won the lottery, so the D.C. Circuit will hear the case after all.  If Verizon’s lucky streak keeps going, maybe the D.C. Circuit’s random process for assigning panels will result in the Comcast panel’s hearing this new challenge to the net neutrality order.  But as we’ve said all along, even the Comcast panel might find the FCC’s new rationale for net neutrality more convincing.