Two union dissidents prevailed before a Board ALJ on their unfair labor practice charge that their union, a local of the International Association of Machinists, had threatened bodily harm and helped get them fired from Spirit AeroSystems in Kansas. The dissidents had forwarded a video clip of a motor vehicle accident to a number of people inside and outside the company. A union’s in-plant representative apparently got the email and sent it to company officials, asserting that it violated various company policies, including privacy, security, photography, and computer use at the facility. The company fired the employees, and one of the terminated employees then came to the plant to campaign for a dissident union candidate in an internal union election. The IAM agent allegedly told the former employee “to shut up before I beat your a**” and that he would make sure the employee was not reinstated. 

The union has indicated that it is disappointed with the ruling and will seek review by the NLRB. No surprise there. The real surprise will be if the Board agrees that the Union should be held accountable.