Recently, we advised councils that the majority of the Local Government Amendment (Improved Governance) Act 2015 (Act) is still not yet in force.

Just last week, the remaining provisions of the Act (except ss 13 and 56) were proclaimed and now commence today (1 March 2016).

The two provisions not proclaimed, ss 13 and 56, both amend s 29 of the Local Government Act 1989 and broaden the circumstances in which a person is disqualified from becoming a Councillor.

As of today’s date, the remainder of the Act will now be in force. To view a copy of the Act click here.

The Act mainly relates to the role and functions of Councillors, the Mayor and the Chief Executive Officer, Councillor conduct, the role of the Chief Municipal Inspector and municipal monitor and electoral reform, including the duty to adopt an election period policy.

We recently reminded councils they will be required to review their Councillor Code of Conduct once s 15 of the Act is in force. Now that s 15 of the Act has commenced, the four-month period within which to review Councillor Codes of Conduct has started.