Polaris has bought the E-motorcycle business of Brammo.  Brammo was one of the electric cycle pioneers starting down that road in 2007.  Polaris is known for its off road vehicles, such as snowmobiles, and also produces its own gas powered motorcycles under the Indian and Victory Brands.  Polaris was a long time investor of Brammo and the cash infusion by Polaris should enable the company to focus on its electric drivetrain development while allowing Polaris to enter the electric motorcycle market and compete with the likes of Harley Davidson.  On the R&D front, both companies had done some work in the hybrid/electric vehicle realm according to  the Clean Energy Patent Growth Index.  Brammo not surprisingly has two patents in the HEV space, both relating to throttle control mechanisms.  Less obviously, Polaris has three patents in this space, all of which relate to charging aspects of electric vehicles.  All five patents have been granted since 2012 leading one to believe that there are more to come over the next few years from these companies, particularly if they continue to work together on their respective strengths.  It is envisioned that 55 million e-bikes will be sold within the next decade so there should be plenty of wheels for Brammo to drive and cycle batteries for Polaris to charge with these technologies if they can incorporate them into e-cycles on dealers' lots.