The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a landowner who sold property to The Nature Conservancy but failed to remove contaminants as required by the sales contract cannot bar a breach of contract claim by asserting laches as a defense. The Nature Conservancy v. Wilder Corp. of Del., No. 09-2988 (7th Cir. 9/1/11). So ruling, the appeals court affirmed the district court’s grant of the conservancy’s motion for summary judgment. The court noted that the claim was filed within the applicable 10-year Illinois statute of limitations for breach of contract claims and that laches is an equitable doctrine. It also noted that defendant failed to present any evidence of prejudice. The sales contract required defendant to remove all contaminants from the property and allowed plaintiff to conduct an environmental inspection of the property. During the inspection, plaintiff discovered petroleum–contaminated soil at the former site of an undisclosed underground storage tank.