The EU regulation on mobile phone roaming charges has entered into force. 

  • Prices paid for international roaming when travelling within the EU will be capped by a Eurotariff unless the customer opts for a special package offered by an operator. 
  • The prices of the Eurotariff cannot exceed 49 cents for making calls and 24 cents for receiving calls for the next year (excluding VAT). 
  • Consumers will benefit from these lower prices for making calls in the visited country, back home or to another EU Member State. 
  • Prices that operators charge each other (wholesale charges) are also being capped over the next three years. This ensures that all operators will be in a position to offer lower retail tariffs. 
  • Transparency of roaming charges for consumers will be enhanced. Customers will be able to receive an SMS when they are roaming informing them of the price they are expected to pay for making and receiving calls. Customers can opt out from the service if they wish. Customers are able to request more detailed information by means of a voice call or SMS. 
  • The regulation expires three years after entry into force.

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