To strengthen the protections for workers’ health and safety, on June 18, 2013, the Legislative Yuan amended the Labor Safety and Health Act, renaming it the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Highlights of the amendment include: (1) expanding the applicability of the Act to employees of all occupations (instead of limiting applicability to those occupations specified before the amendment), including self-employed workers (workers who work independently to receive remuneration without hiring any laborer) and other individuals providing labor under the instruction or supervision of the responsible person of the working place (such as volunteer workers or trainees); (2) explicitly requiring employers to adopt health management measures based on employees’ health examination results, so as to strengthen management of workers’ health; and (3) adding a provision requiring an entity to be held jointly and severally responsible with its contractor when the entity hires the contractor and such contractor violates relevant safety and sanitation requirements, thereby causing the contractor’s workers to suffer occupational accidents.