Callwave Communications, LLC v. AT&T Mobility, LLC, et al., C.A. No. 12-1701 – RGA; Callwave Communications, LLC  v. Sprint Spectrum L. P., et al., 12-1702 – RGA; Callwave Communications, LLC  v.  Verizon Services Corp, et al., 12-1704 – RGA; Broadsoft, Inc. v. Callwave Communications, LLC 12-1711  – RGA, June 3, 2015

Andrews, J. Claim construction opinion regarding 14 disputed terms from 7 patents.

  1. The disputed patents relate to call processing.  The following terms were considered:

    1. "call"
    2. "outcall from the call processing system" and "outcall"
    3. "placing/place a[n] [first/new/second/third] [out]call" and "outcall is placed" and "outcall is to be placed"
    4. "switched network"
    5. "bridging the ... [out]call and the ... [out]call" and "causing ... to be bridged"
    6. "forward[ed]"
    7. "transfer[ ring]"
    8. "call handling"
    9. "call redirection instruction"
    10. "causing the first entity call to be selectively connected to one of a plurality of potential second entity terminal destinations"
    11. "subscriber specified rule" and "subscriber instruction"
    12. "[a/the] network"
    13. "call processing system"
    14. "substantially real time"