After analyzing trial verdicts rendered in 2015, The Legal Intelligencer, a leading legal publication covering Pennsylvania legal matters, identified Com-Net Critical Communications' former shareholders' triumph in the matter of Savor v. M/A-Com Tech Holdings as the largest verdict secured in Pennsylvania in 2015,outdistancing the second largest verdict by nearly $80 million. Tried over three months by Jones Day attorneys Kimberly Brown, Thomas Jones, Margaret Gleason, and Kevin Meacham, the matter recently topped The Legal Intelligencer’s “Top PA Verdicts of 2015” with a verdict of $125,751,232.88 plus costs for the representative of Com-Net Critical Communications' former shareholders against defendants Tyco Electronics Corporation, Inc., M/A-COM Tech Holdings, Inc., and M/A-Com, Inc.

The dispute arose out of a Stock Purchase Agreement ("SPA") and Guaranty in which defendants promised to make the final purchase payment following the completion of a separate contract with the State of Florida to build a statewide emergency radio system. Following the SPA closing, the defendants constructed the radio system but refused to pay the final $80 million dollars owed to the Com-Net former shareholders, claiming that the cost to complete the system justified a post-closing adjustment that exceeded the final payment. A breach of contract lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Com-Net former shareholders in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in 2006. The case transferred to Jones Day in 2012.

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