Intel Corporation opposed registration of the mark “bellintell” on a number of grounds including that because of the reputation of the INTEL mark, use of the mark “bellintell” for the range of claimed financial services would be likely to deceive or cause confusion.  The Hearing Officer found that the INTEL mark has an “undeniable” reputation in respect of computer processors, which extends at least as far as to information technology in general.  Therefore, the greatest degree of association would be with the Applicant’s financial services in the online environment.  As the Applicant’s financial services are to be assessed on a notional basis, they may include such services offered online.  The Hearing Officer determined that use of the mark “bellintell” in connection with financial services would cause a significant number of consumers to entertain a reasonable doubt as to whether or not Intel Corporation “had developed information technology products for use in the financial services industry and had associated its product with the Applicant in order to provide financial services”.   The Hearing Officer’s expansive view of the reputation of the INTEL mark is goods news for the owners of well known marks.