Transparency International UK, the UK Chapter of the world-leading anti corruption NGO, has published a report on corruption in the UK. The research, which examined 23 sectors and institutions in the UK, indicates that corruption in the UK is in fact a much bigger problem than is currently recognised, that the threat is growing and the response has so far been inadequate.

While the report recognises that the UK's pillars of national integrity are generally strong, it identifies four institutions as having particular problems and suggests that they are made a priority for action: the prison service; political parties; parliament and sport.

The key recommendation is that more action is needed by the Government to understand and combat the growing threat of corruption in key sectors of the UK, through a robust, coherent and coordinated response.

The timing of the production of this report is no accident, as 2011 is the year in which the UK's anti corruption credentials are to be put to the test: not only does it see the introduction of the much anticipated Bribery Act, but it also sees the UK being reviewed by three separate anti-corruption instruments (the UN Convention Against Corruption; the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, and the Council of Europe's Group of States against Corruption.

The report is available on TIUK's website