State Department Announces New Requirement for Permanent Exports of Unmanned Aerial Systems

In late March 2015, the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) at the U.S. State Department announced a new requirement for permanent exports of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). For permanent exports, the DSP-83 Non Transfer and Use Certificate necessary for all UAS exports must now include an addendum with proper use assurances by the foreign end user. Both the U.S. applicant and foreign end user must sign the addendum and submit it when applying for a permanent license. This requirement does not apply to temporary exports of UAS.

For additional information and the required addendum format, see DDTC guidance. To learn more about U.S. policy on UAS exports, see the February issue of the Red Notice.

State Department’s Office of Defense Trade Controls Licensing Reorganizes its Structure

Earlier this month, the Office of Defense Trade Controls Licensing (DTCL) within DDTC reorganized its structure to reflect the post-Export Control Reform (ECR) environment. President Obama’s ECR initiative, launched in 2013, caused a 36 percent reduction in licensing requests to DTCL, with some DTCL divisions managing a disproportionate amount of requests. As a result, DTCL is now structured according to four operational divisions: Sea, Land, and Air Systems; Electronic and Training Systems; Light Weapons and Personal Protective Equipment Systems; and Space, Missile, and Sensor Systems. DTCL’s electronic licensing system, D-Trade, will automatically route license requests to the correct division. Applicants do not have to make changes to applications as a consequence of the reorganization.

For additional information on the reorganization, see DTCL’s notice.