The Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") has lately disclosed that it is currently reviewing Verizon's tracking tool, which is known by the name "Supercookie". 

The Supercookie is used by the telecommunication company Verizon to follow its mobile customers' browsing habits in order to subsequently send that information to different websites. The browsing habits, crossed with the customers' identifying information, are then used by these websites to target certain ads to specific demographics.

As we previously reported, Verizon’s “supercookies” have raised privacy concerns, which led Verizon to add an opt-out mechanism for the specific purpose of allowing opting out of the tracking. However, the FCC has decided to review and examine its Supercookie, as part of its efforts to review Supercookies, especially ones which are used by telecommunications companies – given that they are required in particular to protect their customers' information.

This development demonstrates the new role now being taken by the FCC in regulating and enforcing privacy, tracking methods and content delivery on Mobile Service Providers.