We have previously reported on the proposed Consumer Rights Bill (the Bill) which is intended to significantly reform consumer law in the UK including incorporating provisions based on existing sale of goods and supply of services legislation and replacing the current unfair terms in consumer contracts rules.

One of the key changes introduced by the Bill is that it includes a new category dealing with digital content and provides for quality provisions for digital content and consumer remedies if that quality is not met. For example, if digital content causes damage to a consumer’s device or other digital content, a consumer can decide whether they want the trader to repair the damage or pay compensation.

The draft Bill has recently been introduced in the House of Commons and it will now be scrutinised by the Public Bills Committee. The committee must complete its review by 13 March 2014; this will include a report on the provisions in the Bill and suggested amendments which will be sent back to the House of Commons.

Over the next few months, more changes are likely to be made to this significant new piece of draft consumer law legislation and we will continue to report on future developments.

A link to the draft Bill and detailed explanatory notes can be found here.